author-pic-6Karen is the author of the YA novels Countless and Skylarks (Bloomsbury). She wrote her first story about Bantra the mouse at the age of twelve, then put away the word processor until her first child was born when she was overtaken by the urge to write. Karen lives in Wiltshire with her family and is represented by Claire Wilson at Rogers, Coleridge & White.

You can get in touch on twitter: @K_Gregory33 or via email: kgregorywriter@gmail.com



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there. I’m currently reading “Countless” and I love it! Not only is the plot beautiful and realistic, but the cover art is gorgeous! As someone who is recovering from Anorexia myself, this story touches my heart in more ways than one. I’m curious though, what gave you the inspiration to write this book?
    Looking forward to reading more of your work 🙂


    1. Hi Aqeelah. So sorry for the long delay in replying to this! I’m really happy you enjoyed Countless, and I agree the cover art is wonderful. I was inspired to write it for so many reasons, some of them to do with my own history, but also because the story just really called to me. Sending love and wishing you well with your recovery, Karen x


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